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Who Will Teach Me?

Owen Reid
Owen Reid
Lecturer In NZ Diploma in Engineering (Electrical Engineering) (Power Specialisation)
Certificate in Electrical and Related Trades (Pre-Employment)
Contact Me
Campus: Palmerston North
Ucol Ext: 70357
Ucol Email:  o.reid@ucol.ac.nz
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)
About Me
Owen is full of energy and young at heart. He thoroughly enjoys all things electrical and mechanical and anything to do with electronics design and construction.
Teaching areas:
Electronics and automation 

Research /Work:
Wind turbine blade analyser with Wireless connection to computer.

Industrial Automation Systems, Robotics, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Wind turbine design and construction, and Embedded systems development.
I would rather be in the workshop designing and building a new invention than watching sport. 

Planning to get involved with projects such as :
  • Electric commuter cars charged from home based solar, wind, micro-hydro energy sources.
  • Power and water projects for Developing countries

I am also passionate about sustainable energy resource development, and recycling of electronic and mechanical components into interesting inventive projects.
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