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Graduation FAQs

Do I need to apply to graduate?
Yes– you will be sent an application form with your academic record at the conclusion of your course at UCOL. If you have any concerns please contact Academic Services on 06 952 7001 extn 70771.

When will I receive my graduation pack with all my information?
Providing you have sent in your application to graduate you will receive your pack in the post in January or February.

What information is in a graduation pack?
Tickets to the ceremony for your guests, academic dress hire form and information, ceremony information, one ticket for four hours of free parking on metered or pay and display sites on the day of your ceremony, a flyer about the photographer and a map to ceremony and refreshments venues. For the Whanganui graduands, you will receive ceremony information and a flyer about the photographer only.

How many guests can I invite?
You may invite a maximum of four guests to the ceremony and refreshments that follow. There are no restrictions on the Whanganui graduands.

Do I need to wear academic dress to graduate?
Only if you are graduating from a degree or diploma programme in Palmerston North but in Wanganui and Wairarapa all graduands are required to wear a gown.  Degree and diploma graduands are not allowed on stage to receive your award unless you are in the appropriate academic dress. The form will be in your Graduation Pack which you must return by the date stated on the form. The Whanganui and Wairarapa graduands will have their gowns ordered for them when they register to attend.

How long will the ceremony take?
Palmerston North and Whanganui : Approximately two hours
Wairarapa: Approximately one hour.

Can I graduate if I have student debt owed to UCOL?
No – you must clear all student debt (course fees, childcare fees, library fines/outstanding book returns, etc.)

Will a photographer be at my ceremony?
Please see photographer information on the ceremony page for your campus.
Important forms you may need in the future
Replacement Award Request Form - Your transcript will be sent to you on completion of your programme and will be free of charge. If you do not receive your transcript within three months of your programme completion date please let Academic Services know by emailing them at After this date and additional transcript copy will cost $15.00.
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