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Solution for RN-BN graduates

24 July 2012

Students and recent graduates of UCOL’s Bachelor of Nursing pathway for registered nurses (“RN-BN”) met with Nursing Council, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Immigration New Zealand and UCOL senior representatives on 23 July 2012 to discuss nursing registration in New Zealand. The meeting was very well attended with around 100 students and 50 graduates.


UCOL and Nursing Council have developed an option for UCOL RN-BN graduates to meet Nursing Council requirements for educational equivalence, which will assist them in gaining New Zealand nursing registration.


In addition to completing the Bachelor of Nursing level 7 qualification, RN-BN graduates will have the opportunity to undertake a 1-2 day Professional Diagnostic Assessment. Applicants that graduate from the RN-BN and successfully complete the Professional Diagnostic Assessment will be recognised by Nursing Council as having achieved educational equivalence for registration. There will be no fee for the Assessment for UCOL graduates, and the Assessment will be available until the end of 2013. RN-BN graduates who want to take up this option should email nursing.enquiry@ucol.ac.nz.


UCOL Chief Executive Paul McElroy recognised the willingness of all agencies to find solutions for the UCOL RN-BN graduates and NZQA’s facilitative role in bringing everyone together. “Everyone has acknowledged that this is a great outcome for our students and graduates”.


Applicants must continue to meet all other Nursing Council criteria for registration, including verifying documentation, English language testing, competency to practice, and being deemed fit for registration.


Nursing Council New Zealand and UCOL have worked together to find this way forward and the NCNZ Chief Executive Carolyn Reed said at the meeting on 23 July she has strong confidence in UCOL and the UCOL nursing team.


All queries regarding immigration and visa status should be directed to nursingstudents@dol.govt.nz.


See the Notes of 23 July 2012 Meeting (pdf).


Nursing Council contact – ana@nursingcouncil.org.nz


NZQA contact – nursingreview@nzqa.govt.nz




UCOL students and graduates of the Registered Nurses pathway in the Bachelor of Nursing programme who need assistance with their Nursing Council applications for registration in New Zealand, can send their contact details and information to nursing.enquiry@ucol.ac.nz . UCOL will provide advice and support in the preparation of applications and appeals, and legal advice if required.




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