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NZP YoungHeart Manawatu and UCOL team up

18 September 2012

NZP YoungHeart Manawatu has announced they are teaming up with UCOL in an exciting initiative for both organisations. 


The initiative provides ‘state of the art’ physical conditioning and injury prevention and recovery packages for NZP YoungHeart Manawatu squad members while UCOL students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a real world elite sporting environment. 


The UCOL Exercise and Sports Science team is in charge of the physical conditioning programme for NZP YoungHeart Manawatu.  Led by Lecturer Frans van de Merwe (ex- Shark front rower) and Lecturer Adriaan van Eck (trained Olympic blade runner Oscar Pistorius), UCOL will provide two gym based training sessions a week plus field based training, on-going fitness testing and load monitoring. 


Twenty-three year old third year Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science student Christopher Creek will be extensively involved in the programme.  Chris has a passion for strength and conditioning and plans to pursue a career in the field working with top athletes.  Following graduation Chris intends to continue his studies in association with UCOL, undertaking a Master’s degree.


TBI Health, a partner with UCOL in the new U-Kinetics centre, will be responsible for all injury and physiotherapy issues.  Head physiotherapist Phil Osborn will work alongside students in the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology, providing injury screening services, pre-habilitation, match day physio coverage and of course full rehabilitation services.


Adriaan van Eck says this is a fantastic opportunity for third year students to gain invaluable experience in their chosen field of expertise.  “They are backed up by well qualified and experienced staff from around the world, and will be utilising the brand new specialist facilities at UCOL’s new U-Kinetics centre.


“Over the next few years we plan to continually develop our relationship with NZP YoungHeart Manawatu to increase the breadth of opportunities to other students and disciplines within UCOL,” he says.


NZP YoungHeart Manawatu Chairman Neil Perry expressed his amazement at the quality of conditioning and injury treatment & prevention offered by UCOL.  “I understand that the physical conditioning programme will be comparable to those of super rugby franchises; and the injury screening and treatment programme will be better than those in the EPL and American NBA!”


“That level of quality really adds to the franchise and our drive to provide the best possible pathway for our local players to reach the highest levels within the game.  It’s also exciting that this initiative offers the opportunity for local students such as Chris to reach their personal goals.


“Our relationship with UCOL meets the needs, goals and aspirations of both organisations, therefore the relationship is the win- win situation we are looking for.  It can only grow and develop, providing increased opportunity for local footballers and students alike. “

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