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Honours Awards

UCOL's Council Honour's Awards allow the UCOL Council to recognise the contribution of members of the community who have demonstrated the criteria below in the applicable category. 

Honorary Fellow
This award may be granted to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding and noteworthy contribution to the well-being and benefit of society; UCOL; and/or their field of endeavour.

The Fellowship is UCOL’s highest honorary award and reserved for those individuals whose contribution goes well beyond the norm or what is expected of them by virtue of their occupation or profession.   

Honorary Associate
This award may be granted to an individual who has made a significant contribution, over and above normal duties, to UCOL or the wider community of which UCOL is a part.

Institutional Medal
This award may be granted to an individual who has been, and is no longer a permanent employee of UCOL, and has made a significant contribution to UCOL or their field of endeavour over and above normal duties.

UCOL Tupuna/Taonga Award
This award provides for the inclusion of historic associations or living treasures. It is recognition of a special connection and lasting legacy.

UCOL Alumni Achievement Award
This award may be granted for significant accomplishments by a UCOL alumni, in their business or professional life. Demonstrated by making a contribution to business/industry; standout in their chosen profession; shows success in their occupation or chosen endeavours.

UCOL Alumni Service Award
This award may be granted for specific and meritorious service by a UCOL alumni to the community or the nation. Demonstrated by making an outstanding contributions to the community at large including assistance to disadvantaged groups or individuals; shows a demonstrated commitment to service through an interest in bettering the lives of others.

UCOL Young Alumni Award
This award may be granted to an alumnus aged 35 or younger at the time of nomination, for significant accomplishments in business or professional life or for service to the community or nation. Demonstrated by having dedicated time or work with the community/society or individuals; shows leadership skills and demonstrates forward planning for their current or future success.

UCOL Special Alumni Award
This award may be granted as an overall winner from the three categories, and will be selected and awarded the UCOL Special Alumni Award. Demonstrated by significant and on-going contributions to business or professional life, as well as meritorious service to the community or nation; continued involvement or support to UCOL; excellent leadership skills, thought leadership; respected and recognised in their field of expertise.

UCOL Alumni leader/Kaiarataki Award
This award may be granted for UCOL alumni that exemplify 'making a difference' and are inspirational for their roles in enhancing the lives of people in our community through health, social needs, sustainability growth etc.


Nominations are now open for the UCOL Council Honours Awards for 2019 and close on September 20, 2019.

Download the nomination form here

For more information see the nomination policy here