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Honours Awards

UCOL's Council Honours awards allow the UCOL Council to recognise the contribution of members of the community and staff to the institution, community and general society. They are announced at the start of each academic year, and awarded at graduation ceremonies.

The Council offers the following awards:

Honorary Fellow

This award may be granted to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding and noteworthy contribution to the well-being and benefit of society; UCOL; and/or their field of endeavour.

The Fellowship is UCOL’s highest honorary award and reserved for those individuals whose contribution goes well beyond the norm or what is expected of them by virtue of their occupation or profession.   

Honorary Associate

This award may be granted to an individual who has made a significant contribution, over and above normal duties, to UCOL or the wider community of which UCOL is a part.

Note the Fellowship and Associate Award are generally given to non-UCOL staff.  Where a former UCOL Staff member is nominated the criteria should be applied to their contribution outside of their work at UCOL, otherwise an Institutional Medal may be better suited.

Institutional Medal

This award may be granted to an individual who has been, and is no longer a permanent employee of UCOL, and has made a significant contribution to UCOL or their field of endeavour over and above normal duties.


Nomination Guide

  • Nominations may be made by staff, the Chief Executive, Council members or the wider community, and must be made without the nominee being informed of the nomination.
  • Nominees must be individuals.
  • Nominations should provide detailed information about the nominee to support the nomination (e.g. a resume if available or a detailed summary of the nominee's achievements and/or contribution).
  • Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.
  • All nominations will be treated as confidential. If further information is required to support a nomination, it will be gathered discreetly.
UCOL Council Honours Awards nominations have closed for 2018.