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Welcome to the UCOL Polytechnic Faculty of Educational Delivery and Innovation. We offer a diverse range of courses from pre-employment certificates to undergraduate degrees.

Welcome Message from Bonnie Dewart, Deputy Chief Executive Academic


Bonnie Dewart, UCOL institute of technology education & innovation faculty At UCOL we support the achievement of academic excellence in the delivery of all programmes. We have three primary objectives:


  • We provide faculties with timely expert advice on programme development, programme changes and meeting UCOL’s Academic Quality Management Policies and Academic Statute requirements and objectives. This includes the development and implementation of literacy and numeracy standards in programmes. 


  • We support the activities of UCOL’s formal academic committees, ensuring that they are well co-ordinated and that matters to do with academic quality improvements are peer reviewed, debated and documented. 


  • We champion UCOL's Academic Quality Management System through a range of activities including: monitoring self assessment plans, activities and resultant action planning; undertaking academic audits; administrating and reporting on student surveys; providing consultation and guidance for UCOL polytech teaching staff so that they achieve quality learning outcomes for students.


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Bonnie Dewart, Deputy Chief Executive Academic




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