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Scenic view of New Zealand mountains

The Youngest Country in the World

New Zealand is a young country, being the last large landmass in the world to be discovered by explorers – first by Maori and then by Europeans.  As New Zealanders we can relate well to the experience of international students – after all we all came here from somewhere else too.


New Zealanders enjoy a fantastic lifestyle - but we are also outward looking, travelling abroad and exporting our quality products and services all over the globe. A long-established democracy, New Zealand has a safe and stable political environment. We are a multi-cultural society, reflecting many years of migration from all parts of the globe. The largest non-European group is the indigenous Maori, the tangata whenua - the people of the land. We are also home to many people from the Pacific Islands and Asia.


If you want to hear from someone who made the trip to New Zealand for study, watch this video.

It shows an interview with Bashayer Yankesar, who was awarded a KASPTT scholarship in Saudi Arabia, which entitled her to come to New Zealand to study UCOL's Bachelor of Fashion, and take her knowledge back with her. She graduated in March 2013, and in this video she talks about life in New Zealand - its challenges and joys.


New Zealanders are famous for their warm hospitality to overseas visitors and you’ll be safe studying here. We are friendly, welcoming, love travel and enjoy meeting people from other cultures.  And as a young country we are also known for our positive, 'can do' attitude - a pioneering spirit, which is behind some of our biggest achievements on the world stage. 


Maybe you’ve already heard of these famous New Zealanders?


  • Sir Richard Hadlee and the New Zealand Blackcaps cricket team.
  • The world-famous New Zealand All Blacks rugby team and the world champion Kiwis rugby league team.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary - the first man to climb Mount Everest in 1953
  • Sir Peter Blake - winner of the America's Cup yacht race.


  • Sir Ernest Rutherford - the first man to split the atom. 

The Arts

  • Sir Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which were made right here in New Zealand.


Summers are warm and dry with temperatures ranging between 18 to 30 degrees celsius. Winters are mild with temperatures ranging between 4 to 14 degrees celsius. 


See Tourism New Zealand’s website www.newzealand.com for facts about New Zealand.



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