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There are learning hubs located at Palmerston North, Whanganui and Wairarapa. They may be known under different names, Learning Hub in Palmerston North, John Scott Learning Hub in Whanganui and The Hub in Wairarapa but they all provide the same service.


The main desk within the learning hub is where you can go for all your questions and first port of call queries. This desk is known as Hub Central in Palmerston North.

Services include:

  • library issues and returns
  • research assistance
  • APA referencing assistance
  • academic counselling and specialist tutor appointments
  • computer help
  • adding print credit
  • purchase additional internet credit
  • laptop loans
  • directions
  • questions of any kind.

If we can’t answer your question ourselves we will make sure we direct you to someone who can.

Laptops to Borrow

Students are able to borrow laptops from the Learning Hubs which can be used anywhere on campus where there is wireless available. Just hand over your ID card and you can borrow a laptop for up to three hours. These laptops have the same software as available in the Learning Hub along with wireless internet access.


If you are bringing your own laptops to UCOL there are laptops lockers available in Palmerston North where you can lock up and recharge your laptops. Keys are available for these lockers from Hub Central.


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