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UCOL Covid-19 Updates

  Red Level: All UCOL campuses are in Red Level until further notice from the Government.
New Zealand has gone into the Red level from 11.55pm, 23 January following the Government announcement. Here's what this will mean for UCOL, per the Government’s requirements (this is separate to the COVID Policy we will be implementing next month).
Red Level
  • Campuses are open for learners, staff, contractors, and visitors who can show a valid My Vaccine Pass (or Ministry of Health approved medical exemption) as per the Government’s requirements. We will have staff at each available entrance ready to check your Pass on Tuesday. 
    • For the Manawatū atrium campus, only the Princess St and carpark entrances are to be used. If you work in external Blocks, go there as normal and there will be a staff member ready to check your Pass.
  • Masks are compulsory and should be used while indoors (unless you have a medical exemption card). However, if you are in a well ventilated office space, with more than 1m distance from others you can use your common sense to decide if a mask is necessary.
  • Social distancing and health measures apply, including capacity limits based on 1m distancing. 
  • People who do not have a My Vaccine Pass will study and work from home. 
    • The only exceptions for staff are those with MOH medical exemptions, or visiting the campus once to pick up equipment (see below).
    • The only exceptions for students are those with MOH medical exemptions, USkills or secondary school enrolled students (who per the Ministry of Education’s rules are exempt) or those temporarily visiting for disability and health services (which should be arranged beforehand by contacting Student Success).
  • There are no restrictions on travel provided you have a My Vaccine Pass.
  • If you feel unwell or have any symptoms, please inform your Manager or Lecturer and stay home. If you get a COVID test, please inform our Health and Safety Manager, Sylvie Hickton, who will keep this information confidential. 
If you don’t have a My Vaccine Pass
  • Students please stay home. If you have classes on, please let your lecturer know and they will discuss with you what is possible for your study. 
  • Staffs please inform your Manager and stay home. If you need to pick up equipment to enable to you work from home, you will be able to come onto campus once for this pick up. Please be prompt, and exit the campus as soon as you have the equipment you need. You can do this at any time on Tuesday 6-8pm, by arrangement (please contact Facilities Management Operations Manager, Amanda Grey) or this evening if you already have after hours access. 

We know this will be an adjustment, so please be patient and kind to one another.  We will continue to look at our processes and practices as this new phase develops. 

UCOL COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

UCOL is committed to ensuring that the harm that may be caused by COVID-19 to ākonga (students), kaimahi (staff, contractors), manuhiri (visitors) and our Te Tiriti partners that engage in UCOL activities, is minimised. As part of this commitment, UCOL is implementing the Vaccination Policy which aligns to the Government’s public health response to COVID-19. The policy requires that:

  • By 1 February 2022 all kaimahi and ākonga must provide evidence that they have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • By 1 March 2022 all kaimahi and ākonga must provide evidence that they have received a second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • From 1 February 2022 all visitors on any UCOL premises must provide evidence that they have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
The only exceptions will be for those who have a Ministry of Health approved medical exemption, or USkills ākonga (students) or those currently enrolled with a secondary school and studying with us part time (per the Government’s regulations for secondary school students).

If you have any questions, please get in touch