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Youth Guarantee students celebrate success

By UCOL on Thursday, 19 November 2015

UCOL Youth Guarantee student

Seventy teenagers will take part in the Youth Guarantee Scheme Ceremony today, to celebrate the completion of their year of study under the Youth Guarantee Scheme at UCOL in Palmerston North.

The students studied a range of programmes which included hospitality, business, engineering and automotive panel and paint.

Youth Guarantee is a Government scheme which offers scholarships to those under 20 years old, who have proven themselves prepared and motivated, for one year of free study in programme levels 1 to 3. The scheme also provides for any course related costs and travel costs that are required.

Leader Youth Guarantee Susanne Croft says that UCOL aims to work alongside students studying under the Youth Guarantee scheme, in partnership with parents in a supported learning experience.

"We mentor our students in achievement, behaviour and attendance, which in turn has a great outcome with success rates," Ms. Croft says.

The students who will take part in the ceremony this Thursday have studied a mixture of one year and one semester programmes over 2015, with some students who enrolled in the mid-year intake on their way to complete mid-2016.

In 2015, across Palmerston North, Whanganui and Wairarapa campuses UCOL had 188 students in scholarships, over 29 programmes. Ms. Croft expects to the see the scheme carry on successfully next year.

"The Youth Guarantee programme has been extremely successful, with great support from high schools, community groups and wider whanau," she says. "In Palmerston North we are currently processing 55 applications for 2016, which are coming in daily for both full year and single semester programmes."

Out of the 68 exit interviews conducted with the exiting Palmerston North students, Ms. Croft says the students have a range of plans in place for the future.

"Some students are heading into further study, while others have moved into employment and apprenticeships. To date, not one student has said that they do not have a plan for their future and that is extremely rewarding for us as a tertiary education institute."

Whanganui UCOL will celebrate the success of 18 Youth Guarantee students based in Whanganui during the Vocational Awards on the 15th December. Whanganui UCOL Youth Guarantee administrator Dee Brough says this year has seen great results for scholarship students on the campus.

"All five of our Youth Guarantee students who enrolled in the Certificate in Hospitality (Basic Cookery) at the start of the year have been successful in their course, and we have received wonderful comments about the lecturers during the exit interviews," Ms. Brough says.

"We are lucky to have the support of our Transition Co-ordinators who work alongside us to support student attendance, it is a team effort."

In Wairarapa there were 45 students studying under the scheme this year, who will be celebrating with their classmates at the UCOL Wairarapa graduation in March 2016. Interviews for 2016 are already underway.