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Level 2 Literacy

Level 2 Literacy

Level 2

UCOL's free Level 2 Literacy course will help you towards achieving essential NCEA Literacy Credits.

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Quick info

Level: 2

Locations: UCOL Manawatū in Palmerston North, UCOL Whanganui, UCOL Wairarapa in Masterton

Duration: Flexible days and times to complete 100 hours of learning.

01 Feb 2021 - 10 Dec 2021
Enrolments open until 11 Nov 2021

31 Jan 2022 - 09 Dec 2022
Enrolments open until 11 Nov 2022

UCOL’s Free Computing classrooms are available as an on-campus base for study as follows:

Palmerston North
Mon - Fri, 9am-12pm
Mon & Tue, 5-7pm
Mon 1-3pm (Specific Literacy and Numeracy assistance).

Mon and Tue (9-11am, 5-7pm)

This self-paced course will cover the following credits:

4252 (2 Credits)
Produce a personal targeted CV (curriculum vitae).

4253 (3 Credits)
Demonstrate knowledge of job search skills.

10781 (3 Credits)
Produce a plan for own future directions.

12383 (3 Credits)
Explore career options and their implications.

If you need help with using a computer to complete your studies, consider UCOL's Introduction to Computing course.

 Course Information

Free Computing Rooms

  • Palmerston North - 6-1-12,
  • Whanganui - 3-12 
  • Wairarapa - B1

 Domestic Entry Requirements

Please enquire for details


For more information about NCEA Credits see UCOL's NCEA explained page.

 International Entry Requirements

Not applicable. This course is only for domestic students.