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Aku Morrow

Certificate in Hairdressing (Salon Support) Graduate

Certificate in Hairdressing (Salon Support) Graduate in salon

Aku Morrow admits that even as a primary school aged student, he always took great pride in his hair. “I like to be creative and individual with my style.”

The turning point came four years ago when he was forced to ‘fix’ his salon-done haircut that went wrong. “From then on, I’ve cut my own hair, and then more recently my friends hair too.”

Aku is an avid rugby player and says if his lofty sporting aspirations don’t work out, he likes the idea of being a hairdresser. “It’s good to have a back-up career, especially at my young age.”

Being the youngest and only male in his class had no disadvantages. “The girls were really supportive and treated me like their little brother.”

Aku says he was surprised by the science behind hairdressing. “We learnt about hair and skin structure, not to mention the chemicals used for perms and colouring.”

An Aztec inspired entry won Aku the Most Creative Style in UCOL’s History of Hair competition. The annual competition is hotly contended by hairdressing students from all three campuses. “Of course I had the only bearded male mannequin.”

“At first I thought I wanted to be a barber and just do guys’ hair. Since I’ve been in UCOL‘s salon environment I’ve learnt a lot of other techniques and I’ve realised my career options are far wider.”

Aku will return to UCOL for the Certificate in Hairdressing Practice (Year 2) when he will, among other new skills, learn to cut hair. “I can’t wait.”

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