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Gem Farrell

Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging Graduate

Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging Graduate

Local Manawatu artist Gem Farrell chose to enrol in UCOL’s Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging (BAVI) degree after seeing a friend’s Illustration assignment.

“I chose to study at UCOL Palmerston North because the BAVI degree was so well regarded, plus the lecturers are amazing.”

Gem initially enrolled in the programme to further her path as a tattooist, however the BAVI programme opened her eyes to the endless possibilities within the creative professional field. 

“Not only was I taught how to be a better artist, but my lecturers also prepared me for the realities of the industry,” she says. 

Gem says her lecturers were fun but also went beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone in her class succeeds.

“There is such an amazing creative atmosphere in BAVI. It was a great place to prepare for the industry.”

One of Gem’s highlights of the programme was the extra-curricular activities that prepared her for the demands of the industry.

“From field trips to printing workshops, galleries and exhibitions, to being introduced to stencil art and specialised workshops, we got to do it all.”

Now a BAVI graduate Gem has been developing her freelance experience.

Having been recently working on a mega mural for Good Earth Matters in the Council carpark off Queen Street in Palmerston North, it seems like the skies the limit for Gem. 

“This is a dream job for me and an incredible opportunity to build my career.”

“Not only is it awesome exposure for my work but it is also a great avenue for networking and making connections in the Palmerston North City Council and wider community.”

Continuing to express herself as a creative freelancer, Gem’s future goal is to work with young local artists.

“One day I would love to develop a workshop and mentorship programme dedicated to helping young local artists give back to this beautiful community.”

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