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Lynda Whale

Library Assistant

Lynda Whale, Library Assistant

“I completed my fashion degree at the Whanganui Campus a few years ago and while studying for my business diploma, I took up lecturing on the campus.”

Lynda worked at UCOL for eight years on the Whanganui and Manawatū Campuses lecturing with the U-Skills team and teaching a Level 1 Numeracy and Literacy programme.  Lynda then went on to do some travelling, gaining experience in other industries and discovering the world before returning to Palmerston North where she grew up.

“I came back to UCOL because I missed working with students.  I enjoy seeing their progression and development and getting to be a part of that journey.”

Lynda joined the UCOL library team in late 2019 and has so far enjoyed being part of a supportive team, back in the tertiary sector.

“The team here are amazing, so friendly and the library has come so far, even from when I was a student here.  I didn’t realise before I started here that we have such a wide range of reading material at UCOL.  There’s something interesting on every subject.  I recently picked up a book on different weeds and can now identify them in my garden. I’m even planning a summer project on turning weeds into paper.  It’s amazing the things you can discover by spending time in a library space.”

Lynda says that her time spent studying at her UCOL and then working at UCOL, has been very supported.

“One thing I love about UCOL is that there is always lots of support and guidance.  It’s a hands on place with lecturers who are well versed in what they’re teaching.  My advice to future students would be to make sure you research what it is you’re interested in studying so that you know what to expect, and then throw yourself in, being in a learning environment is addictive.”

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