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Suvisal Thilina

Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology Graduate

UCOL Graduate in ICT

Growing up in Sri Lanka, Suvisal Thilina had an interest in technology and learning how to use new software. UCOL’s Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology gave him the tools to turn that interest into a career

Suvisal expanded his interest in technology while working at his mother’s distribution business during his high school years.  There he taught himself how to use Photoshop, and realised he had a knack for technology.

Keen to pursue a career in information technology (IT) and study overseas, Suvisal enrolled at UCOL’s Manawatu campus in Palmerston North. He started with the Diploma in Information and Communications Technology* before transitioning into the Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology, majoring in Software Engineering.

Suvisal says he chose UCOL because he knew he would be getting hands-on experience.

“I think a lot of UCOL students get jobs because of the hands-on training they get while at UCOL. Employers value that training and expect you to do research, learn, and work hard.”

“The hands-on experience you get from programming was a highlight for me. We created real software. When it came to systems security, the lecturer created an isolated network which we could do penetration testing on. We got a real world experience trying to hack into that network.” 

Suvisal says he has enjoyed living Palmerston North as it’s not too busy, but there is still plenty of fun to be had.

“Palmerston North is a student city. It’s quiet during the weekdays and you can focus on your studies, but it’s not boring. In the weekends the city has a fun aspect. That’s why I chose Palmerston North.”

In the final year of his degree, Suvisal completed an internship with Manawatū IT company Master Business Systems. There he developed an automated testing suite for the company’s widely used building consent software.

Suvisal did such a great job that Master Business Systems hired him as an IT Support Analyst once he finished his studies
“Master Business Systems were really supportive during the internship. They really appreciated the research I was doing on test automation tools,” says Suvisal.

Suvisal aims to work his way through the ranks at Master Business Systems, and one day work as a software engineer.

*Now the New Zealand Diploma in IT Technical Support.

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