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UCOL Merchandise

A promotional banner for UCOL's branded merchandise.

Remind yourself of all your amazing memories at UCOL with some UCOL merchandise, available from UCOL's Information Centre at the Palmerston North campus.


T-Shirts and Hoodies

We have t-shirts and hoodies in women's and men's styles.

T-shirts $25

Hoodies $45

A photograph of two UCOL students wearing branded clothing. 


Drink bottles

Make a difference by getting your hands on one of our re-useable coffee mugs and drink bottles.

Coffee mugs $10

Drink bottles $12

A photograph of UCOL branded drink bottles 


Celebrate your success!

If you've recently graduated or will soon, frame your qualification in a UCOL branded frame and get a cute graduation bear.

Graduation frames $60

Graduation bears $20

A photograph of some UCOL souvenirs.