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Disclaimer & Privacy

UCOL posts information on its website(s) in the interests of prospective students and its local communities. We make every reasonable effort to provide accurate and timely information, and present it to you, our viewer, in good faith. 

UCOL cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies, out-of-date information or omissions on this site. However, we welcome you to get in touch if you have any concerns.

We reserve the right to change, update and remove information as we see fit, without notification.

Any links to external sites are provided in the spirit of being helpful and giving context to the information we provide to you online. The links do not reflect an endorsement of those sites and UCOL cannot be held responsible for the content on those sites.

In addition to, and other official sites, UCOL hosts a number of unofficial sites including, but not limited to, staff and student association sites. Any opinions expressed on unofficial sites are strictly those of the authors of those sites.

Privacy Statement

UCOL complies with the Privacy Act and all information supplied to UCOL via its website(s) are treated in accordance with the Act. 

The pages in UCOL  website(s) use, but do not require, anonymous cookies. Cookies are small text files that are sent by a website and stored on your computer’s hard drive. You can manually disable cookies – check your browser’s help section. Cookies enable us to track how our site is used.

We use Google Analytics to measure the performance of our website(s). The information collected by this service helps us understand how the website is being used and what we could improve. Information collected by Google includes data such as:

  • visitor IP address
  • browser type
  • operating system
  • type of device used
  • pages accessed
  • dates and times of visits to the website
  • search terms used
  • previous websites visited
  • demographic information such as age group and gender (however, this information does not allow us to identify you personally)
We use Google Tag Manager to track how website visitors are using certain parts of our website(s). For example, we have Google Tag Manager installed on our 'Apply Now' buttons to understand how many people are selecting this vs how many people are applying. The trend information derived from this helps us understand whether we need to make any improvements to our online application process.

Google may use the data collected to contextualise and personalise the advertisements of its own advertising network. To find out more about Google’s privacy policy, see

We also use Facebook Pixel (a code that enables us to track conversion from Facebook ads and remarket to users who have engaged with us). and Squarespace analytics for the Workhub website (

Any data provided by visitors to the site(s) by the use of web-based forms will only be used for the purposes detailed on the form to provide the requested service to the user, and may be used from time to time to provide further relevant information to the visitor. Examples include online application and general enquiry forms. Information will not be made available to third parties, except where relevant. For example, Ministry of Education and Tertiary Education Commission require information about students related to the programmes of study they fund UCOL to run. Also, participating secondary schools in our U-Skills suite of programmes are kept informed about students studying part-time at UCOL while still in school.

The information you provide us via these forms, such as your name and email address and/or telephone number is personally identifiable information. We may use this to respond to your questions, provide you the specific programmes of study you select, send you updates about UCOL's programmes of study, and other relevant communications related to your relationship with us. Individual UCOL staff members will be in contact, and at times where relevant, we may send you an email from our customer relationship management system (Microsoft Dynamics) or student management system (Arion). When you have a contractual relationship with us, such as being a student, email contact is an essential form of communication. If you are not a current student (but may have enquired, attempted to apply or are a graduate), you may also receive relevant communications from us. You can unsubscribe from the latter.

We will take every reasonable precaution to ensure your personal information is stored securely. However, you should be aware that there are inherent risks associated with transmitting personal information across the internet.

Access to your information

You are entitled to access, request or correct the personal information we hold about you at any time by contacting our Info Centre.

To ensure the personal information we hold about you is accurate and up to date, please notify our Info Centre of any changes to your personal details as soon as possible.

Programme-Related Information

If you are 20 years of age or over at the time of completing your Application for Admission and Provisional Enrolment Form, there are generally no entry requirements for the qualifications in which you are applying to provisionally enrol, unless UCOL has capped the number of students in a particular course or qualification. In these circumstances, UCOL will select the students to be enrolled from all applications received. UCOL may supply course counselling.

Before you enrol, check with UCOL which books and/or other items may be required for your chosen programme. Please also read the current UCOL Enrolment Guide and your Application for Admission and Provisional Enrolment Form for terms and conditions of enrolment at UCOL.

UCOL Student Association membership fee is voluntary under legislation.

For further information, call the UCOL Info Centre on 0800 GO UCOL (0800 408 205). The information contained on these websites is intended as a general guide only and is subject to change.

Publication of details of courses or qualifications in no way creates an obligation on the part of UCOL to teach those courses or qualifications in any given year, nor to teach it in any manner described. UCOL may change the content and/or structure of any course or qualification.

UCOL reserves the right to discontinue any information, courses or qualifications, or the site(s) or mode of delivery of any courses or qualifications, at any time without notice – including after you have applied for provisional enrolment and UCOL has confirmed your enrolment.

Fees listed on are subject to change. For current information on course fees or any conditions of admission, call the UCOL Info Centre on 0800 GO UCOL (0800 408 205).

International students are subject to different policies, fees and procedures to domestic students and must ensure that they are aware of the applicable policies, fees and procedures.


We value your comments and opinions. If you have comments, questions or complaints about any of our services or website policies please get in contact.