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UCOL re-appoints Chief Executive

By UCOL on Friday, 05 April 2019

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UCOL Council has re-appointed Dr Lynn as Chief Executive of UCOL from 20 May 2019 through to the end of December 2020.  

UCOL Council Chair, Mr Ben Vanderkolk, made the announcement to staff and said UCOL Council appreciates the commitment and expertise that Dr Lynn has given since her arrival in September 2018 to the role of Chief Executive.

"UCOL is in a strong position and the Council is looking forward to working with Dr Lynn as the reform decisions for the sector are made. Already, Dr Lynn has enabled UCOL to take a lead by developing Centres of Vocational Excellence models for our Rohe, and with her guidance, we are confident that UCOL's strengths will contribute to the co-design process and resulting transition phase", said Mr Vanderkolk.   

"UCOL, in its many forms, has been in existence for over a century, and as a viable, stable, proud and polished example of a successful Institute of Technology and Polytechnic, we have a rich heritage of vocational learning to contribute to the future. We are focussed on a bigger, better and brighter future for vocational education in the UCOL Rohe."

Dr Lynn has extensive experience working closely with Iwi, communities, businesses, industry groups, local and central government, internationally, and with tertiary institutes. With a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), focusing on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, awarded by Massey University in 2016, Dr Lynn is a former top exporter of intelligent engineered technology and Chair of the Innovation Partnership Forum on the Digital Economy. 

UCOL is performing strongly, improving its educational performance and producing successive financial surplus, with the 2018 surplus being more than twice that of 2017. "Collaboration is vital, change is inevitable and this requires pace and agility" said Mr Vanderkolk.  "We are confident of our ability to adapt, delivering quality vocational education to higher numbers of students, and being valued as an industry partner.  We are confident in our future and delighted with the re-appointment of Dr Lynn."