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Dr Hayden Pritchard

Senior Lecturer - Exercise and Wellness

A photograph of UCOL Expert and Senior Lecturer Dr Hayden Pritchard.

Dr Hayden Pritchard is Senior Lecturer - Exercise and Wellness at UCOL, teaching primarily in the areas of physical conditioning and research. He has research expertise in strength and power training, and also has interests in rapid weight loss, and stimulants as ergogenic aids.

Hayden takes his passion for strength training and weaves it together in his various roles as a scientist, coach and athlete.

A senior lecturer at UCOL, he recently completed his PhD. His thesis investigated how strength-trained men can best structure the taper period to improve maximal strength. His research demonstrated that both short-term training cessation and volume reduced strength tapers were effective methods of improving maximal strength following strength training.

On ResearchGate, Hayden has 17 research items, with 24 citations, that have been read more than 19,000 times.

When not in the classroom, or undertaking research, Hayden puts theory into practice. He is the head coach and founder of UCOL's Olympic Weightlifting Club, and is a strength coach for athletes. He previously represented New Zealand in the sport of Powerlifting (2012-2014), and currently competes as a Weightlifter.


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