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Ben Anderson

Bachelor of Applied Management Graduate

A photograph of UCOL Graduate Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is the definition of resilience, a student who embodies everything UCOL stands for, pride, hard-work and making a difference.

Born with a rare form of cancer, Ben has defied odds and turned his passion into skills that will see him succeeding in business.  Ben is a graduate of the UCOL Bachelor of Applied Management, Class of 2018. As part of the final year of the programme, Ben has gained valuable industry experience through his 17 week internship with FMG, and has since even gained employment through his connections.  

“Throughout high school I excelled in business and I wanted to play to my strengths. I had a knack for management and would use this with my love for music by stage managing. Studying business is a good place to start and work your way up.”

During his time at school, Ben had doctors and teachers alike discredit what he believed he could achieve and took that as a challenge to disprove limiting beliefs and work his way to the top.

“I can do anything that anyone else can. People have told me that I can’t do things or should steer away from certain things and I took that as a challenge to make what I want happen anyway.”

Ben grew up here in Palmerston North and when choosing where to study felt that UCOL was the best option for what he wants to gain.

“I thought the idea of a practical approach to business would be a great option for me. A practical setting would prepare me for the real world and business environments as opposed to turning up to lectures and not building rapport with people.” 

“In the future I would like to find myself leading a team or even an organisation.”

The relationships at UCOL have been one of the most rewarding aspects for Ben in his time studying here.  

“The lecturers are great, down to earth and practical. Always there to help with your learning, approachable and knowledgeable. As students we have relationships with them, not just a face we see in class. I’ve made some life-long friends and met people from so many walks of life.” 

Ben’s advice to anyone looking at studying with UCOL is an encouragement to students of many backgrounds and adversities.

“Take the opportunity while you can. If you open the door, there’s only more that you can do.”

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