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Cheralyn Sorrell

Agribusiness Lecturer

Cheralyn Sorrell - Agribusiness Lecturer

UCOL Agribusiness Lecturer Cheralyn Sorrell has packed a lot into her career; working, studying and teaching.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Cheralyn moved with her family to New Zealand after completing her BA in Business Studies with Honours and Post Graduate Certificate in Education - ICT.

Before turning her career towards teaching she had 10 years’ experience in industry, including middle management, and developed a passion for Employment Relations by becoming a Union Representative.

Thoroughly enjoying personal interactions, she changed her career to teaching Business, Finance and ICT. During her teaching career in the UK she worked at several colleges and schools and was also employed as an External Examiner and Moderator.

In addition to teaching, Cheralyn has also held a role as a Business Mentor here in NZ, so she understands the challenges New Zealand businesses face, which shines through in her teaching.

“Sometimes feel like I have done a little bit of everything, and it’s quite hard to sum up my career in a sentence,” she says. “But the pay-off lies in the knowledge that I can pass on knowledge to my students.”

With a young family, Cheralyn values flexibility in study. “I know what it’s like to juggle work, study and family commitments and how the stars don’t always align.”

As the Lecturer on UCOL’s new Diploma in Agribusiness Management (leading to the New Zealand Diploma in Agribusiness Management), she endorses its blended delivery model. “People can study when it works for them.”

The Agribusiness Management programme aims to help people in all areas of agri-business develop, extend and diversify, and Cheralyn believes it would suit anyone from an established owner/operator to someone just looking to upskill.

“Our first two papers cover Human Resources management and Financial Management, including budgeting, tax obligations, cash flow and forecasting. We can support a diverse range of people in the virtual classroom, from fruit growers through to farmers.”

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