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Endalew Taye

Medical Imaging Technology Student

A photograph of Endalew Taye

Endalew Taye loves the busy world of Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) and the wide range of experiences she gets while on clinical placement.

"You're never sitting down. You get to see different things and go all around the hospital. You're involved in everything that goes on in the hospital so you get a lot of different experiences," says the third year Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Imaging Technology) student.

Growing up in Wellington, it was an easy choice for Endalew to study at UCOL Manawatū – she had heard good things and it wasn't too far from her family. 

"I heard about the community they have at UCOL and the guidance you get from the lecturers, and that was really appealing to me."

Endalew spent the year after high school working and then travelled around Europe, but her plan was always to study MIT. She was a bit shocked by how intense the programme is at first, but being surrounded by her equally driven classmates made it easier. 

"Everyone around you is wanting to learn and do really well, so you feel encouraged. That just pushes you to keep going."

"I feel that if you've chosen this programme, you know what you want to achieve and you're determined to do it. I can definitely say that about our group."

MIT students spent up to 2,400 hours on clinical placement, honing their skills in different types of examinations. Endalew is happy to be doing her placement at Wellington Hospital.

"You learn all of these things in class but then going on placement and applying that knowledge in a real hospital is really big. Interacting with patients is something we talk about in class, but you can't really simulate it. You can learn from a textbook how to position a patient, but it's not the same as going out there and positioning real people who are ill."

"As a student, you get taken everywhere and get to know a lot of staff – everyone knows MIT. You get experience in different parts of the hospital, from the Emergency Department to Fluoroscopy to Angiography, and hopefully you can get a job there at the end of your placement."

Due to finish her studies in late 2021, Endalew wants to work full time at Wellington Hospital and keep building her skill set. 

"I'm looking forward to showing people what I have and being out in the field as a qualified medical imaging technologist."

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