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Mack Bold

U-Skills Academy Automotive Student

Mack Bold

Mack Bold is on track to become a third-generation mechanic as he starts his automotive apprenticeship.

Mack has always wanted to be a heavy diesel mechanic. His great-grandfather on his dad’s side did it, while his grandad on his mum’s side is also a mechanic.

Between helping his grandad, doing work experience at construction equipment supplier AB Equipment, and working a part-time job at Motex Motors, Mack is no stranger to automotive engineering.

Mack jumped at the chance to do the U-Skills Academy Automotive Programme while in Year 12 at Manawatū College. The programme gives secondary school students the opportunity to learn introductory mechanic skills in the UCOL workshop one day a week.

Mack says he enjoyed how the programme covered a lot of little tips and tricks to make jobs easier.

Mack’s existing skills and drive to learn saw him become a standout student in the class, so much that his classmates often turned to him when they needed help.

Drew Ferry, the Transition Coordinator for the Automotive Programme, says it was great to watch the way Mack went about his work and how he stepped up to help others. 

“Mack’s friendly and easy manner with his classmates and UCOL staff is one thing that set him  apart. He was always ready to help others with a modest approach that left them feeling good about themselves. Mack just gets on with things and people are drawn to him.”

Before he even finished the programme, Mack secured an apprenticeship with AB Equipment.

Excited to start his apprenticeship, Mack recommends the U-Skills Academy Automotive Programme to other secondary school students interested in becoming mechanics.

“It teaches you all of the basics and gets you set up for more courses later on.”

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