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Wade Monteba

Exercise Graduate

A photograph of UCOL Exercise Graduate Wade Monteba and UCOL Senior Lecturer - Exercise and Wellness, Jon Bailey in a gym.

​Studying wasn’t a new thing for Wade Monteba, he has already completed the Certificate in Tertiary Study Skills and Certificate in Contemporary Music Performance at UCOL. But this time it was different, he wanted to study something and at the same time take his life in a more positive direction and to encourage others on a similar journey.

At the start of the New Zealand Certificate in Exercise Wade couldn’t even run 50 metres, prior to signing up he had been concerned what the physical aspects of the course might be like, Jon Bailey Senior Lecturer - Exercise and Wellness, however encouraged him to give it a go.

Now with just weeks of the course to go Wade can run for a mile non-stop, has shed eight kilos, which in turn has helped his health, cardio and strength.

The course has also changed other aspects of his life, like having a meal plan and cooking healthy meals to take with him. The business paper has also got him thinking about the direction of his career following study, he has started a business plan and has identified a niche market he would thrive working with.

“I see a blend of my three qualifications leading to my future plan. My studies in previous areas also mean I can extend my business plan beyond a document, and look at branding, logos, how an identity might come together for what I have planned”. 

With so many added benefits arising from embarking on his studies, I asked Wade for his advice to others “Discipline and focus are really important, by building a routine, you can make this easier keep the motivation levels up. When it comes to food, I say it’s better to have a small cheat or slip up, better than not and going off the plan and goal altogether. Making your own meals can help you with this as can meal planning and knowing the good fats from the bad”. 

Asked what he felt was most memorable about the course “Gosh there are so many things. As a group we have all improved our personal times and fitness levels and that feels great. It’s been a great way to learn, we do a lot of activity based learning and that has helped us bond and work together as well as strengthen our communication skills”

“This journey was about making changes to my life for the positive and I have done that, the great thing is I haven’t been alone, I have had classmates and lecturers keeping me on this journey and that’s awesome. I am looking forward to finishing the course and seeing where life takes me next”.

Pictured above: UCOL Senior Lecturer - Exercise and Wellness Jon Bailey (left) and Wade Monteba at the Inspire Health and Fitness Centre where they spend plenty of time training and learning. Photograph by Bevan Conley courtesy of Whanganui Chronicle.

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