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As a high-performing New Zealand government funded Institute of Technology, UCOL has provided over 100 years of excellence in education. With our diverse portfolio of programmes varying from postgraduate qualifications to diplomas, degrees and certificates, we cover a wide range of research areas that have the potential to positively impact our communities and beyond.

Whether this be in the applied research field where we focus on research around our degrees, or in the transfer of our technical knowledge across our portfolio, we are committed to engaging with our stakeholders and sharing these outcomes with our communities.

NZ ORCID Consortium

UCOL has joined as a founding member of the New Zealand ORCID Consortium, a national approach to the Open Researcher and Contributor ID or ORCID platform. ORCID is a global not-for-profit organisation created in 2012 to solve the problem of name ambiguity in research by creating a registry with a unique identifier for each researcher, like a national health number but for researchers. The recent launch of the New Zealand ORCID Consortium will help close the loop on New Zealand’s research system, allowing for up-to-date records of researcher contributions and evaluation of the research system.

Directory of Expertise

As our new website evolves, we will provide a Directory of Expertise so that you can easily access up-to-date information on key research areas UCOL is focusing on and find out what possibilities for collaboration exist.  All UCOL staff teaching degree programmes undertake research and play a big role in showcasing our research strengths.

Watch this space for updates on highlighted research and knowledge transfer activities.


For more information on UCOL Research and collaborations, please contact the UCOL Research office at 06- 952 7001 ext. 70829 or