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International Student Support


UCOL's dedicated, professional staff are experienced in looking after the educational, practical and social needs of international students. UCOL staff follow the New Zealand Government's Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

International student support staff

Cameron Lock
International Student Coordinator
Phone: +64 6 952 7001 extn 70213
Mobile: +64 21 324 826

Sue Thorby
Health and Wellbeing Advisor and International Student Support
Phone: +64 6 952 7001 extn 60760
Mobile: +64 21 241 0052

Email: InternationalSupport@ucol.ac.nz 
International student emergency phone: +64 21 242 7625

Help with enrolment

The team in our International Office provide you with everything you need to succeed. See our comprehensive information online about study options available to you and advice on enrolling

Information for students under 18 years

If you're under 18 years of age when you start your study at UCOL, the following rules apply until you turn 18 years old. It's important that you and your parents or legal guardians read the following information:

Parental/legal guardian signatures are required on all agreements with UCOL

  • Under 18 International Application Form
  • Offer of Place
  • Withdrawal Form
  • Homestay Agreements
  • International Students Designated Caregiver Agreement
  • Indemnity Document for Students Living with a Designate Caregiver

Up-to-date contact details for your parents/legal guardians
UCOL requires the current contact details for your parents/legal guardians. If there are any changes, you need to advise UCOL promptly.

During your studies with UCOL you'll need to stay with a relative, close family friend or UCOL-approved homestay. 

In the case that you intend to live with a relative or close family friend, you'll need to supply signed copies of the International Students Designated Caregiver Agreement and Indemnity Document for Students Living with a Designate Caregiver forms.

Living in a homestay is a good option for international students. Read about the benefits, approximate costs and get an application form from our Accommodation page.

Orientation for parents
Parents are encouraged to attend orientation at UCOL (see below).

International student fees and refunds

International students pay different fees to New Zealand citizens. The fees can be found on the programme (qualification) page. The fees displayed are for one year of study. Payment is required in full before teaching starts. To find out more, see UCOL's International Fees and Refunds Procedure.

Before you arrive

Student Support Coordinators will keep in touch with you to ensure you understand what living in New Zealand and studying at UCOL will be like. 

UCOL doesn't arrange accommodation for its international students, but we can provide some options nearby campus for you to consider.

We will assist with advice to help you to establish your life in New Zealand. See our arriving soon guidance.

Upon arrival

Upon arriving in New Zealand you'll be picked up from the airport closest to your campus. We look forward to meeting you.

Orientation is a fun, must-do experience offered to all international students at UCOL.  It includes tailored tutorials, campus and facilities tours, visits to local attractions, and meetings with key community contacts. 

All international students are also invited to take part in an official Pōwhiri, which is a traditional Māori welcome ceremony. It may involve karanga (being called and led onto campus), kaikōrero (welcome speeches), waiata (singing) and hongi (a traditional Maori greeting in which people press their noses together), all of which are aimed at warmly welcoming students into the UCOL whānau (family). 

Attending classes
Attending class is important to your success at UCOL. There are repercussions for non-attendance, and UCOL is obligated to inform Immigration New Zealand, which may affect your future visa applications.

Services and facilities

Studying at UCOL gives you access to experienced learning advisors and specialist tutors. 

Our facilities are modern and well-equipped to supporting your learning. Check out our Learning Hub and Library for more detail. 

Safety and emergency contacts

UCOL wants to ensure that all of its students, staff and visitors stay safe, and we believe that everyone has a role to play in making this happen. You are responsible for your own personal health, safety and security on campus. Ensure that you know who to contact in an emergency, or if you have concerns about your safety or security while on campus.

In the event of an emergency, please call:

  • Fire/Police/Ambulance - phone 111
  • UCOL's 24-hour International Student Support Emergency number – phone 021 242 7625

UCOL’s Security Service for each campus focuses on the on-campus safety of all students. Their contact details are below:

Palmerston North
(24 hours / 7 Days)
Extension: 70032 (if calling from a UCOL phone)
Phone: 06 952 7032
Mobile: 027 447 9480

Whanganui (24 Hours / 7 Days)
Extension: 61835 (if calling from a UCOL phone)
Phone: 06 965 3835
Cell: 021 242 3209

Wairarapa (24 Hours / 7 Days)
Extension: 72056 (if calling from a UCOL phone)
Cell: 027 431 2154

Access emergency information in your language

Do you know what to do in an earthquake? Civil Defence has helpful information about earthquakes and tsunamis in 22 different languages.

Contract dispute resolution

International students are welcomed to discuss any issues they have with a UCOL staff member. We will provide support accordingly and seek a solution. If you feel that UCOL have not resolved your concern or complaint you can seek support from the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) free of charge. NZQA is a government organisation, and they can provide an independent assessment of your complaint.