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Steph Lamb

Bachelor of Nursing Graduate

A photograph of UCOL Bachelor of Nursing graduate Steph Lamb.

Leaving the tranquil countryside to join the hustle bustle of the health care world has been "in no doubt" the best decision UCOL Bachelor of Nursing graduate Steph Lamb has ever made.

"I am a country girl, brought up hunting deer and riding motorbikes. Now I am in a professional industry with an awesome job and the opportunities are endless. I love my job and I am proud to call myself a nurse."

Originally starting in the UCOL Certificate in Science & Health programme before moving to the Bachelor of Nursing, Steph was persuaded to come to UCOL as she had heard the teaching methods were more very supportive and more sensitive to personal needs which suited her lifestyle.

"I had to do the Certificate of Science & Health, (which was amazingly helpful) and then went straight into the Bachelor of Nursing. Throughout my study I had awesome lecturers, great support and studied in such a wonderful environment."

Steph is currently working as a Registered Nurse in Primary Health. With the versatility and the opportunities that are now open to her as a Registered Nurse she would like to practise in different areas in the future. 

"Future plans as a nurse are endless… I would like to join the army as a nurse officer but then mental health also interests me… decisions, decisions!"

Through her experience at UCOL and in the Health Care sector, Steph strongly encourages anyone who is thinking of becoming a nurse to go out there and take a chance, it may be the most rewarding thing you could ever do.

"I would urge anyone who is contemplating nursing to be like Nike and 'Just do it', you will not regret it! YES it is challenging and YES you will struggle at times, but you will grow as a person and your whole life will change! UCOL will always be there to support you, as they have done for me."

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