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Suvajit Mustafi

Creative Degree Graduate

A photograph of UCOL Graduate Suvajit Mustafi.

Many aspire to balance their dream and their professions. In the case of Suvajit Mustafi, he has managed to do just that – combining his love of cricket, with his creative flair and his knack for storytelling.

“Like many other science students, I was en route to engineering but was lucky enough to apply brakes in time,” says Suvajit.

Having already worked as a sports correspondent in India, Suvajit came to UCOL in 2008 to study the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Graphic Design* a conjoint course with the University of Waikato at that time. Suvajit enrolled with the goal of expanding his talents and progressing his career. 

“I settled down to do a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Graphic Design, with the aspiration to join the media world, working in creative communications, which was something that had always excited me from a tender age”.

Having grown up in the vibrancy of Mumbai and Kolkata, Suvajit got a chance to explore other places as he moved around for his father’s work. However there were a few constants: a passion for cricket, and a love for stories.

 “I am addicted to the game of cricket. My passion for the sport landed me in a job with the Times Group as a sports correspondent and a copy editor, before I moved to pursue further education in New Zealand.”

“Now, I am working as a Senior Manager back in India, undertaking content and assistant editing within ZEE group's“

“I also have a chance to do a lot of writing, from stories, to screenplays, through to ghost writing – which is when you write something for someone but they are officially credited. As a ghost-writer I have had the chance to write columns for the likes of Sir Clive Lloyd, Virender Sehwag, Chris Gayle, Sir Ian Botham, Mohinder Amarnath, and Mark Waugh.”

“I also get a chance to use my graphic design skills as an author, designer and the illustrator of the book Modern Ninjas, and hope to keep this going with future projects like working on a few other books, both fiction and non-fiction, and maybe some more screenplays.”

Suvajit enjoys learning, illustrating, and writing and making short films when he finds a spare moment.  His long term goal is to mentor or teach the next crop of talent coming up.

Reflecting on his journey, Suvajit says, “My life revolves around stories and cricket. Either I am consuming stories in different forms or telling one. I am a professional writer now. I showed creative traits from when I was very young, by illustrating and penning fictions”.

“Now I wish to do more work as a fiction writer, work on packaging them and professionally growing in the content writing/editing space. We will just have to wait and see what comes next.”

*The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Graphic Design has since been retired and superseded by the Postgraduate Diploma of Design.

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