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Information for students under 18 years

If you're under 18 years of age when you start your study at UCOL, the following rules apply until you turn 18 years old. It's important that you and your parents or legal guardians read the following information:

Parental/legal guardian signatures are required on all agreements with UCOL

  • Under 18 International Application Form
  • Offer of Place
  • Withdrawal Form
  • Homestay Agreements
  • International Students Designated Caregiver Agreement
  • Indemnity Document for Students Living with a Designate Caregiver

Up-to-date contact details for your parents/legal guardians
UCOL requires the current contact details for your parents/legal guardians. If there are any changes, you need to advise UCOL promptly.

During your studies with UCOL you'll need to stay with a relative, close family friend or UCOL-approved homestay. 

In the case that you intend to live with a relative or close family friend, you'll need to supply signed copies of the International Students Designated Caregiver Agreement and Indemnity Document for Students Living with a Designate Caregiver forms. 

In accordance with the Education (Code of Practice) for the Pastoral Care of International Students, 2016:
  • A UCOL representative will visit the home to ensure the environment is safe
  • UCOL will carry out police vetting of all adults over the age of 18 years living in the household
  • If the designated caregiver is approved, UCOL will maintain regular contact with the designated caregiver
  • If the designated caregiver is not approved, then you will be required to move into approved homestay accommodation until you turn 18 years.

Living in a homestay is a good option for international students. Read about the benefits, approximate costs and get an application form from our Accommodation page.

Orientation for parents
Parents/Legal guardians and homestay parents are welcome to attend orientation at UCOL (see below). If this is not possible, then UCOL can provide access to orientation information on request.

Parental feedback
All under 18 year old international students will meet with UCOL support staff on a regular basis to ensure your continued wellbeing and academic progress.  Reports of these meetings will be sent to your parents / legal guardians.

If you are under 18 years at the end of your programme of study your parents / legal guardian are required to provide UCOL with written confirmation giving details of the handover of care for you whilst remaining in New Zealand.