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Education counselling support

Provide excellent advice to students considering studying at UCOL with our education counselling support information.

A photograph of a international students at UCOL in Palmerston North


All UCOL programme information is kept up-to-date on the individual programme pages on the website.

How to assist a student to apply to UCOL

A step-by-step guide to apply to study at UCOL, and how to obtain a New Zealand student visa.

Who can provide immigration advice

To provide New Zealand immigration advice, you must be a 'licensed immigration advisor' or 'exempt'. A person is exempt from the licensing requirement if they are outside New Zealand and advise on student visas only. They are not exempt to advise on any other immigration matter. Onshore education agents must be licensed to provide any immigration advice.

Licensed immigration advisors have specialist expertise. They have met competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct.

Immigration advice includes advising a person on:

  • Visas they qualify for
  • Pathways they could take to work or live in New Zealand
  • How best to answer a question on an application form
  • Using knowledge of or personal experience in immigration matters to advise, assist, direct or represent a person in any other way.

Immigration advice does not include providing information from a publicly available source or clerical work.

Accommodation nearby UCOL

UCOL provides advice on nearby, affordable accommodation options including homestays, hostels and shared accommodation.

How to get to UCOL

UCOL offers a free airport pickup service to international students studying at UCOL for the first time. It can be booked five working days prior to the student's departure (working days are Monday to Friday).

A free bus service is available to UCOL students within and between Palmerston North and Whanganui.