There are various fees and costs for studying at UCOL and living in New Zealand. Below is a guide to help you advise prospective students.

International student fees

On each programme page (qualification page) the international fee is shown if the programme is open to international student applicants. The price shown is in New Zealand dollars and includes:

  • GST (tax)
  • Language support
  • Airport pickup
  • Use of campus facilities
  • Registration/enrolment fees
  • New Zealand Export Levy fees

UCOL's fees are reviewed annually against inflation and foreign exchange rates. As a guide, fees will increase around 4% per annum.*

Additional course-related costs may apply. See the programme page for details.

*This is a guide only. Annual fee increases may be less or more than 4%.


All international students planning to study at UCOL must have medical and travel insurance that covers them from the beginning of their studies until at least the expiry of their student visa. 

Accommodation cost

UCOL provides advice on nearby, affordable accommodation options including homestays, hostels and shared accommodation.

  • Homestay fees are approximately $245 NZD per week. This covers three meals a day, electricity, room and Internet.
  • Hostels offer short and long-term accommodation. The fees range from $180 NZD per week.
  • Shared accommodation costs approximately $500 per week per person when sharing with two other people in a three bedroom house. This includes food, electricity, rent and a telephone line.

Additional fees apply, depending on the situation. See our accommodation options page for details.

Cost of living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand is comparable to what you'll find in any OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) country. Use Study in New Zealand's cost of living advice to compare prices and the New Zealand Government's Sorted budgeting tool to work out a detailed budget.