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UCOL teaching Kick for the Seagulls programme

By UCOL on Friday, 18 January 2019

A photograph of UCOL Chief Executive Dr Amanda Lynn, Graham Lowe, and Department of Corrections Acting Chief Executive Rachel Leota at the launch of the Kick for the Seagulls programme at UCOL.

UCOL will soon be teaching Graham Lowe’s Kick for the Seagulls education programme at Manawatū Prison, as part of a collaboration that looks to create more opportunities for prisoners to rehabilitate and broaden employment prospects.

Former rugby league coach Graham Lowe, Department of Corrections staff and polytechnic tutors from around the country were at UCOL on Tuesday to launch the programme nationally and undertake training.  

Kick for the Seagulls was developed by the Lowie Foundation, and is taught using the language of sport to engage students. The programme focuses on numeracy and literacy skills.

“We are delighted to host the national launch here at UCOL, and to be a part of a country-wide initiative which has the potential to make a difference to many people.  It is an opportunity for prisoners to make positive changes in their lives with long lasting impact” said UCOL Chief Executive, Dr Lynn.  

Delivering the Kick for the Seagulls programme builds on the relationship between UCOL the Department of Corrections that began ten years ago with teaching carpentry in the Manawatū prison. 

At the training, Graham Lowe spoke about the parallels between coaching and teaching, highlighting how it’s not just technical skills coaches and teachers pass on, but also life skills. 

“The responsibility you have as a coach is the same as you have as a tutor because you are guiding lives.”