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Applying to study at UCOL is where your new journey starts. It takes approximately 20 minutes for an online application using a computer or slightly longer if you prefer using a printed copy of the enrolment form. We’ll support you along the way.

Explore our programmes of study, choose the one that's right for you. Once you decide on the programme you want to enrol in, select the ‘apply now' on the programme web page, or select ‘need some advice’ if you need help with your application.

‘The ‘Apply now’ button on the programme web page will lead here. Now, select from the options below, Or see the enrolment application process to learn more.


Once you've applied, make sure you are ready to pay your fees before the first day that teaching starts.

Enrolment Application Process

Enrolling on UCOL programmes is easy. Here is the enrolment process for domestic, international and returning students.

Supporting Information and Documents

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Once you've decided what you'd like to study at UCOL, you may need to prepare some supporting information for your application.

Verified Documents

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When applying or enrolling at UCOL, you'll need to supply verified documents. These are copies of original documents that have been certified as true copies of the original.

Need Help With Your Application?

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If you'd like help filling out your application or understanding the detail, feel free to get in touch.

Fees-free Study

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If you're thinking about studying for the first time at tertiary level in 2018, there are some important things you need to know.

Assessment of Prior Learning

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Are you skilled and knowledgeable, but lack qualifications? Talk to a specialist at UCOL about our assessment of prior learning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Any question is a good question. Browse our frequently asked questions or ask us a question.