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By UCOL on Tuesday, 16 April 2019

A photograph collage of medina beauty products.

The Medina Collection, which is available online, is an organic plant-based ethical skin care range and is the brain child of UCOL Beauty Graduate, Medina Morin.

Medina originally signed up to study hairdressing at UCOL, but went on to complete the Beauty Diploma and is really glad she switched. It has led her on an amazing journey including creating her own line, the Medina Collection.

Medina Skincare is a hand-blended boutique range of professional biologically-active skin care products, including face, body and fragrance bioactive formulas blended in synergy ensure maximum therapeutic benefits.

Her studies took place in Masterton when she was twenty-six, with a small child in tow.

“Being an adult student didn’t phase me, I was so grateful for the creche on campus, the support of the lecturers and the lifelong friends that I made along the way”.

“We recently moved away from Wairarapa and I am now based in the East Cape Tolaga Bay. Since leaving UCOL, I progressed from hands-on beauty treatments through to making my own brand of skincare.  I am also about to lead a base course for EIT in Beauty here on the coast”.

“It was the foundation of knowledge for all that I have achieved to date. Having this as a background qualification has backed me up for skincare production, having learnt a vast array of topics not only the beauty side but anatomy, physiology, science, chemistry and biology”.

“My brand and products were developed with my great love and passion for ancient beauty bath house rituals, perfumery, and traditional herbal medicine practices inspired by the holy cities of Medina and Mecca (which I am also named after). Remembering the sun-drenched desert of Saudi Arabia trips to the Mediterranean came the notion for this line of organic, eco-friendly, biologically active, cruelty-free face-body and fragrance which I am forever evolving and advancing”.

“I am so proud of my line and that it’s pure, natural, organic and handmade in micro batches to ensure maximum quality. The presentation uses minimal paper labelling and minimal plastic”.

When asked where to next, Medina replied, “That’s easy to answer – I want to launch a signature perfume globally and just to continue to follow things I enjoy”.