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UCOL Launches New Industry Partnership Platform

By UCOL on Monday, 03 August 2020

Workhub launch

UCOL students spend thousands of hours working with local organisations and businesses – and UCOL wants to see that connection build even further. With the launch of their new Workhub website, UCOL is looking to develop more student-to-industry opportunities.

The platform highlights the many ways that local organisations can work with UCOL and its students – whether that’s through internships, clinical placements, apprenticeships or even unique industry projects. It also shares success stories from students and businesses who have taken part, from Matthew Choi, who worked his way up to become Gaon Korean BBQ House’s Head Chef, to Nadia Healey, a social and community services student who was part of Just Zilch’s team during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

A key part of the platform is to showcase the excellent work that UCOL students have been doing with industry, and the real value that their work adds to that business. “Whether it is Creative students undertaking design, video or photography projects for local community groups, or the projects and internships completed by our Business and ICT students - the feedback from our stakeholders, and the learning experience for our students, has been exceptional,” says Dean Rankin, Executive Dean of Humanities and Business.  

“Working in partnership with our local industries is crucial for us,” says Linda Sissons, UCOL’s Acting Chief Executive. “As an institution, we develop our programmes alongside industry, to make sure that the skills we teach students are the ones our local organisations need. Local employers who are involved and connected with our students, and who work alongside them on projects, bring an increased work-readiness to our graduates. We truly value their contribution to the education of our students, and the development of their future workforce.”

“For many students, their internship or placement is a highlight of their studies – a chance to put what they’ve learned into practice. The businesses that work with them really benefit from that. Local employers who need extra help, but are dealing with post-COVID uncertainty, may find that taking on a student is the perfect answer.”

“This platform is the one-stop-shop for local organisations who want to get in touch, work with our talented students and see the amazing work that has been done.”

Employers interested in teaming up with a student should go to www.workhub.ucol.ac.nz