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Covid-19 halt your career? We’re here to offer you a new one.

By UCOL on Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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If you have served in the NZ tourism and hospitality industry, you have most likely touted and sold the products of our premier food and fibre sector to the flood of tourists many times over.

For that we thank you.

However, 2020 has served up a doozy for many kiwis, especially those who have served our guests from around the globe. If this is you, know that your experience is not only desired, but is needed by the NZ Food and Fibre sector.

Here's the truth: we're looking to fill more than 10,000 jobs by 2025.

We want people who already know and love our end products to help us grow. We need people who have a strong work ethic, strategic and quick thinking, and can balance a variety of skills - all of which are learned in hospitality and tourism.

We need someone like you.

UCOL and EIT would love to add to your existing skill set by offering you the opportunity to be part of our free taster courses held at the Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre in the Wairarapa. Sound crazy? Well, even if you've never owned a pair of gumboots, we'd love to have you join us.

What does this experience practically look like?

Week 1: Taster Camps
Taught by experienced industry representatives, the first week includes visits to local farms, and an introduction to operating farm vehicles, fencing, pasture management, beef and sheep farming, and key technology tools.

If this course whets your appetite to learn more, this is what you will learn in the following two weeks.

Week 2: Your Choice - Industry Specific Training
In week two, training gets more specific where you can choose to learn more about dairy farming, apiculture, wool harvesting, silviculture, horticulture or sheep and beef farming.

Week 3: Machinery + Health and Safety
Week three covers the safe use of agricultural vehicles and learning how to keep yourself and others healthy and safe in a farm environment.

All three weeks include free training, food and accommodation.

This initiative is moving quickly with our first Taster Camp having kicked off on the 27th July 2020, with additional rolling starts every three weeks.

For those with a passion for machinery, equipment and technology, how about considering learning how to drive some of the big ag kit?  This is a six week option, starting 10 August, with great job prospects. 


If you are 18 or over this is a great  opportunity for both you, our fellow kiwis, and your families so we can help each other grow within our own backyard.

We'd love to help you expand your career expertise and get a taste of the sector that puts food on tables around the world. You will leave with fascinating work stories, a better understanding of how the food you put on your table is produced, and eyes open to an industry that would love to have you join their team.