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Employers Eager to Upskill the Region

By UCOL on Friday, 02 July 2021

The UCOL | Te Pukenga board and stakeholder lunch

Employers in the Manawatū who met with UCOL Te Pūkenga Board members and staff this week are enthusiastic about working together to boost learning opportunities for the Regions' workforce.

UCOL Te Pūkenga Chair Verne Atmore addressed a group of 70 major local employers, acknowledging that new skilled employees can be hard to find as the Region prospers.  "We have big projects such as Te Ahu a Turanga and Kiwi Rail Hub, a surge in non-residential building consents, and our unemployment rates are much lower here than many other parts of Aotearoa.

"We understand the challenge ahead, and together we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to approach this differently.  Employees can learn new skills while still working, spending some time with UCOL, and using online resources at times that suit them and their employer.  Skills can be taught when they are needed, and built on over time.   We all need to invest in our people, and grow the talent we have here. Our Region is known for collaboration, UCOL is here and ready for the challenge," said Atmore.

Verne Atmore addressing major local employers

There were a broad range of employers and industries represented at the event, including infrastructure, health, engineering, defence, trades, business, and schools.  Mayors Grant Smith and Helen Worboys along with Councillors and staff were a part of the discussions on how we best grow our Region's capabilities.

The UCOL Te Pūkenga vision is to be the skills engine driving the economic and social development of the Central North Island. By connecting employers and their teams with opportunities to increase and learn new skills that drive economic development, UCOL Te Pūkenga is a valued partner. Major industries in our regions will benefit from a closer and deeper approach to collaborative arrangements that achieve both workplace productivity and smarter recruits.