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Dr Bridget Percy

Head of School - Education

Dr Bridget Percy

Dr Bridget Percy is Head of School – Education at UCOL. Her research interests include teaching and learning, pedagogy and education, and professional development.

The portfolio of programmes overseen by Dr Percy at UCOL respond to community needs, some of which give refugees access to study, and support experienced professionals to become teachers. 

Dr Percy's research looks at the development of self efficacy of early career, higher education teachers. High self efficacy relates to motivation and student outcomes.

Her research is key to understanding what her staff go through. She can provide appropriate support and provide professional development opportunities to enhance staff learning and effectiveness. 

Dr Percy's research and has influenced UCOL's relationships-based teaching approach - Te Atakura. They’re using the principles to monitor staff when they’re observing and coaching them. 

Dr Percy and her husband own and run an antiques business in Napier. Her personal passion is collecting antiquities and very early religious related items. She has pages from bible that was hand written in vellum in 1470 in France, has some pilgrim tokens that go back to 400 or 500AD. Her interest in history and culture led her to attain a Diploma in Theology. 

In her spare time, Dr Percy enjoys restoring her villa, gardening and travel.