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Dr Shohn Wormgoor

Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer - Exercise and Wellness

Dr Shohn Wormgoor

Dr Shohn Wormgoor is programme leader and senior lecturer in the Exercise and Wellness department at UCOL | Te Pūkenga. He has research expertise in the biomechanics of cricket fast bowling and clinical exercise physiology related to exercise as therapy for chronic health conditions.

Dr Wormgoor recently completed his PhD at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). He is an emerging researcher and an advocate for both research-led teaching and the application of evidence-based and supervised exercise interventions.

As a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Dr Wormgoor’s research interests are in health science from an exercise-is-medicine perspective. His research looks at how structured exercise can bring about positive change in the health of individuals and communities.

Dr Wormgoor's research has been published in high quality international journals, presented at national and international scientific conferences and has been encouraged by his thesis examiners to conduct applied practical workshops in community settings across New Zealand.