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Akshay Pandey

Diploma in Engineering Graduate

A photograph of Akshay Pandey - a successful graduate of UCOL's National Diploma in Engineering.

Interested in engineering and manufacturing solutions to problems.

Robotic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have quickly become part of daily life for many. Google, Siri, Apps all mean that people can ask questions and find answers at an incredible speed.

Akshay Pandey has always been interested in engineering and manufacturing solutions to problems, he entered UCOL | Te Pūkenga to study for his National Diploma in Engineering (Electrotechnology), while undertaking the course, designed a set of portable amplifiers.

Following his study he moved into a more hands-on trade and worked as an alarm technician before deciding to take his study further and embarking on mechatronics engineering at Massey University, where he got to work on many projects as well as leading teams while they worked on mobile robots, an AI controlled automated drill press, and automated robotic arms.

Akshay is now working with RST Environmental Solutions in Palmerston North and has been working there for one and a half years. They design automated water treatment plants and automatic dust suppression systems. "We now have full range of automated products that sends information remotely and you can control these systems online and also with your smart app." 

When asked about how he feels following his courses of study “Robotics and automation of both real interests of mine, I really enjoy working on projects and seeing results in real-time. I would encourage anyone with a passion to give it a go”.


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