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Ashlee Chapman-Burcher

Hairdressing Student

UCOL hairdressing student Ashlee Chapman-Burcher.

From twiddling with her mum’s hair, and intuitively braiding it, Ashlee Chapman-Burcher knew she would work with hair, so it is no surprise that she has just finished the New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Salon Support).

Even before this year Ashlee was no stranger to UCOL, she had spent five weeks on a STAR Course from Makoura College getting a taster of the programme “This year has been both terrifying yet exciting at the same time, from STAR I kind of had an idea of what this year would be like. I have learnt heaps, and there is so much variety. I enjoy coming to class every day knowing that I will learn something and that it is all pointing me towards a career in hairdressing.”

“One of the learning curves for me this year was getting an understanding of how important communication is. We can be taught how to cut and colour, but communication with clients is so important from the moment they step in the salon.”

“Our tutors, who are all still in industry have been great coaches in this space, and it’s a real element of what we are learning. Undergoing work placements and putting it into action I really got to understand why it’s important.”

On top of her studies Ashlee is holding down a job doing night shifts, the balance of study and working doesn’t seem to faze her “I am lucky, I work as a kitchen hand and they are really supportive of my study and are really flexible in my hours so I can fit everything in.”

Next year will see Ashlee back for ‘Emerging Stylist'. “Next year means more hard work, learning more techniques and learning more about cut and colour – I’m looking forward to it.”

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