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Claudia Tait

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) Graduate

A photograph of Claudia Tait

​With the desire to learn a range of new skills and a goal to own her own business, Claudia knew that studying New Zealand Certificate in Business Administration and Technology Levels 3 and 4 was the right decision for her.

Growing up in Masterton, Claudia liked the fact that she was able to study close to her family in the small and relaxed environment UCOL’s Wairarapa Campus had to offer.

Throughout the duration of her course, Claudia found that her lecturer and classmates went over and above to support her in achieving her goals. 

“My classmates were really good and my lecturer was awesome. She helped me a lot with practicing interviews and perfecting my CV for future job applications. She helped you forget about what was going on outside of the classroom in order to complete assessments and gave you a better hope at completing the programmes.” 

As well as giving her a wide range of administrative skills, Claudia believes that the programmes really boosted her self-confidence. 

“These programmes boosted my confidence dramatically. Family members that I don’t see often had commented on it, but I had also noticed it in myself.”

Claudia is currently working at the South Wairarapa District Council as a Scanning Officer, a job she obtained in her last few weeks of study and credits UCOL for opening opportunities up for her. 

“I had done work experience for almost the whole year, even though it was only a requirement for Level 4, but that helped get to the job position I am in today.” 

In the near future, Claudia is striving to purchase her own home and is looking forward to growing as a person and continuing to learn each day. She hopes that one day she will be able to mix her business experience with her love of dogs, and dreams of running her own dog spa or a home for retired dogs. 

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