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Isaac Allen

Construction Graduate

Isaac Allen

Isaac Allen has always been a hands-on learner with a creative side, so it’s no wonder that he has found success in the construction industry.

Isaac moved around a wee bit when he was younger with his mum and twin sister, but after moving to the Wairarapa four years ago, “this is definitely my home now.”

“My sister is off studying photography at university now, but I was never a big fan of school, so I left at the beginning of Year 12.”

“I’d heard some great stuff about UCOL here, so after leaving school I went straight there, and I’m so glad I did – they were great.”

“The vibe on campus is wicked, everyone was so welcoming and inclusive. Having the marae and wharekai was cool too. I was lucky to make some awesome lifelong friends throughout my studies too. I’d definitely recommend the Wairarapa campus to anyone who is looking to study or make a change.”

“When I enrolled, they helped me to complete my NCEA Level 1 credits, and then I was able to slide into the New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Carpentry) Level 3 a couple of weeks late.”

“Originally, I had thought I might go into forestry, like my dad, but I’m glad I chose construction.”

“My lecturer was really supportive and made it clear when he thought I was doing a great job. I really appreciated the praise to know I was on the right track.”

“I’m grateful to the wider UCOL staff too. It’s a real community, everyone cares, the support is great. Without my experience at UCOL I definitely wouldn’t have been as ready to go into working.”

Isaac was able to secure an apprenticeship before finishing his studies last year, with Shoreside Building which undertakes a large amount of residential construction work.

“The best part of my job is definitely the physical aspect – I definitely like working with my hands, but also the kind of thinking that’s required too. I really enjoy the maths that you have to do in construction.”

When asked what his goals are upon completion of his apprenticeship, he thinks hard.

“Completing my apprenticeship is definitely the priority right now, but I would love to own my own company in the mid-term future.”

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