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Scholarship Advice for Donors

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Everyone should have the opportunity to study what they love. Here at UCOL Te Pūkenga, we help our learners study dreams come true through a variety of scholarship programmes. You and your organisation have a role to play in UCOL Te Pūkenga giving scholarships to deserving learners. For years, generous members of our community and businesses have donated to scholarship programmes to benefit both our learners and their organisations.

By donating to a scholarship programme, you are not just benefitting a student's life but your organisation as well. It connects you to a pipeline of talented graduates and positions your organisation as an attractive place of employment and/or development. Scholarships can be tailored to criteria set out by the supporter and can include considerations like academic merit, or service to the community. You could decide to support students who are suffering financial hardship, are the first in family to enter tertiary education, or are from a particular discipline such as STEM, or the Arts

Why Support a Scholarship?

Everyone should have the opportunity to study what they love and generous members of our community and businesses have a role to play in making the study dreams of our young people come true at UCOL Te Pūkenga.

  • Build an organisational culture of giving back by paying it forward.
  • Expose students to your brand early in their career.
  • Position your business as an attractive employment option.
  • Build relationships early with talented students to create a pipeline of graduates whose skills fit your organisation.

“Construction is a growth industry, but as Master Builders we recognise it’s not just about bringing more numbers into the industry. We see these Freemason scholarships as an opportunity to help people already in the industry progress their careers into positions that will keep driving the industry forward.” - Cameron Isles, Director, Isles Construction Ltd on the Willson Lewis Freemason Scholarship - a collaboration between UCOL Te Pūkenga, Master Builders and the Freemasons 

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Receiving a scholarship can make a real difference and be empowering. Give now to make a difference!

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