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Montage of Maori and Pasifika performers


Pōwhiri (or Pōhiri) is a traditional Māori welcoming ceremony. It is an opportunity to formally welcome new students (manuhiri) to UCOL | Te Pūkenga (tangata whenua) as honoured guests and celebrate the beginning of your learner journey. Pōwhiri are held at the beginning of each semester and on each UCOL | Te Pūkenga campus.


Karakia are Māori chants and prayer integral to each UCOL | Te Pūkenga campus and invokes spiritual guidance and protection. It is intended to support staff and student efforts to integrate te reo Māori me ona tikanga into their daily lives. 

Whakataka te hau ki te uru
Whakataka te hau ki te tonga
Kia mākinakina ki uta
Kia mātaratara ki tai
E hī ake ana te atākura
He tio, he huka, he hauhū
Tihei mauri ora!
Get ready for the westerly
and be prepared for the southerly.
It will be icy cold inland,
and icy cold on the shore.
May the dawn rise red-tipped on ice,
on snow, on frost.


Waiata are Maori songs important to Maori culture and usually marks a significant event. Waiata is an art of storytelling of interwoven words and expressions that preserve the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors. UCOL | Te Pūkenga proudly supports staff and student efforts in their learner journey of Waiata into their daily lives.

Hūtia te rito o te harakeke
Kei whea te kōmako e kō
Uia mai (Uia mai)
Koia rā (Koia rā)
He aha te mea nui
He Tangata (Tū Tangata!)
He Tangata (Tū Tangata!)
Auē (Hi!)
If you remove the heart
Of the flax bush
From where will the Bellbird sing?
If you say to me
What is the most important thing
In this world
I will reply to you
It is people, it is people, it is people!

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

Recognised as an official language of New Zealand, UCOL | Te Pūkenga celebrates Te Wiki o te Reo Māori and have joined the Maori Language Movement.

Te Taura Whiri | te Reo Māori Website

Pacific Language Week

Pacific languages, cultures and identity are extremely important to UCOL | Te Pūkenga. In recognition and appreciation of our Pacific communities, UCOL | Te Pūkenga celebrate throughout the year promoting and raising awareness of the diversity of Pacific Languages.

Ministry for Pacific Peoples Website