Working while you study has many advantages, most notably, the additional income certainly helps with daily living expenses. You'll also gain valuable insights about the types of organisations you want to work with, and when it comes to applying for a job after graduation, you may have a competitive advantage over other applicants.

UCOL's Employability Hub provides students with assistance and resources for searching and applying for jobs.

Work placements

Many of UCOL's programmes of study have a work experience component, whereby you'll be required to work for a local organisation or in a UCOL training environment for a set number of hours per week. 

Whilst this is unpaid work, the experience is invaluable, giving you contacts in the industry and real-life experiences. You may also have a professional, UCOL-branded uniform to wear.

Finding a job

Working while you study is an excellent way to help fund your studies. Many employers are keen to hire students for short-term work. One of the easiest ways to find suitable jobs is through Student Job Search

As long as you're currently studying at UCOL, have applied to study in the next semester, or have recently graduated, you can use the service to search for jobs in your area. Note that international students can only work up to 20 hours per week during term time.