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Desert Angels: A Captivating Fusion of Videography and Music

By UCOL on Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Cece McMillan music video

A film brief in class has led to a visually stunning music video captured in the sand dunes between Himatangi and Foxton Beach. These visuals transport viewers to a world where the lyrics intertwine with the enchanting allure of a desert.

The music video was filmed and edited by Josh Daniel, currently studying for a Bachelor of Creative Media, with Cece McMillan singing and producing the music, Cece is currently undertaking a Certificate in Music.

"The brief really stood apart from the others, as our video lecturer Dan West had spoken to the team at the UCOL Music Department and created a brief around working with an artist to create a music video. The chance to collaborate with another creative had a huge appeal to me so I decided to take on the project."

"After listening to all of the artists' tracks, I had a hard time deciding as I felt they all had great potential for creating videos. In the end, I picked a song that I felt evoked a strong narrative. It was one of Cece's tracks, but after Dan organised an introduction at the music department, she played another song she had recorded, and I instantly knew we had to do that one instead."

Decisions quickly lead to how the duo would go about production of the music video. Cece's idea of recording in the sand dunes followed the narrative of the track, of pure longing for something just beyond reach. "The pursuit is draining like a desert but the chase is bittersweet and beautiful like an angel hence the name Desert Angels. What's beautiful about the meaning is it changes from person to person. Different challenges present themselves throughout life and finding is a different journey for each listener."

Featuring beautiful videography captured by Josh, coupled with Cece's musical prowess "Desert Angels" will take listeners on a journey that resonates with the universal longing for something just beyond reach.

Desert Angels will be premiered at the Globe Theater in Palmerston North on the 16th of November when the UCOL creative music Certificate and Diploma students do their end-of-year performance. The show starts at 6:30 pm and should run for a couple of hours.

Following the release date "Desert Angels" will be available on all major streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music on the 16th of November.