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Academy 2 Day New Zealand Certificate in Salon Skills (Introductory) (Level 2)

Level 2

Are you interested in hairdressing or beauty therapy? The UCOL New Zealand Certificate in Salon Skills (Introductory) (Level 2) introduces you to a salon environment in the hairdressing and beauty service industry.

A UCOL student dressing a client's hair at one of UCOL's hair saloon
Quick info

Level: 2

Locations: UCOL Wairarapa in Masterton

Duration: 2 days per week for 9 months

Starting: Week of 10 Feb 2025
Finishing: Week ending 28 Nov 2025
Delivery days:
Tuesday & Wednesdays

Domestic Fees: *
Fees Free

Scholarship info

International Fees:*
Not Applicable

Additional Fees
Compulsory course costs may apply.

* Fees are indicative only, and are inclusive of the student services levy and GST (goods and services tax). The fee shown is for one year of study.

Designed to give you a foundation introduction to the vast range of opportunities avaliable you will spend time covering content from hairdressing, and beauty therapy, explore career pathways and gain core knowledge for industry.

If you are someone who wants to experience a practical environment, while working towards a nationally recognised qualification, then Salon Skills could be the right fit for you.

How to apply

If you're interested in applying for the UCOL New Zealand Certificate in Salon Skills (Introductory) (Level 2) Programme, talk to your careers advisor at school. Application is arranged in partnership with your parents/caregivers and your school. Once you've talked to everyone required, you can fill out the online application form as follows:

 Career & Study Outcomes

Successful completion of the UCOL New Zealand Certificate in Salon Skills (Introductory) (Level 2) Programme is the first step in a journey. Equipped with new skills and a taste for the industry, you will know what you need to do to pursue a career in hairdressing and beauty therapy.

 Course Information

This programme comprises 61 Credits.

Industry Practice

Unit Standard 21940 (Level 2) (Version 4) (5 Credits)
Demonstrate knowledge of workplace requirements for employment in a salon.

Unit Standard 27641 (Level 2) (Version 2) (3 Credits)
Describe the relevance of anatomy and physiology knowledge to beauty therapy practice.

Unit Standard 28025 (Level 2) (Version 2) (2 Credits)
Demonstrate knowledge of the client journey in a salon.

Industry Safety and Image

Unit Standard 28026 (Level 2) (Version 1) (3 Credits)
Present a personal fashion image for work in a hairdressing salon environment.

Unit Standard 27639 (Level 2) (Version 2) (3 Credits)
Apply knowledge of basic beauty concepts to maintain personal presentation for a commercial beauty salon.

Unit Standard 27640 (Level 2) (Version 2) (3 Credits)
Demonstrate knowledge of current fashion trends and history related to beauty therapy.

Unit Standard 62 (Level 2) (Version 10) (3 Credits)
Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact.

Client and Salon Support

Unit Standard 9953 (Level 2) (Version 6) (4 Credits)
Provide client service and care in a hairdressing or barbering salon environment.

Unit Standard 27368 (Level 2) (Version 2) (3 Credits)
Provide client service and care and assist the operator to prepare for service in a beauty salon environment.

Unit Standard 21936 (Level 2) (Version 3) (1 Credits)
Protect the client for hairdressing services in a salon environment.

Unit Standard 21937 (Level 2) (Version 4) (4 Credits)
Assist an operator in a salon environment.

Unit Standard 21935 (Level 2) (Version 4) (5 Credits)
Maintain order and supplies in a hairdressing or barbering salon environment. 

Unit Standard 21938 (Level 2) (Version 4) (3 Credits)
Converse and interact with clients and operators in a salon environment.


Unit Standard 33019 (Level 2) (Version 1) (Credit 3)
Communicate in an organisation.

Unit Standard 9677 (Level 2) (Version 11) (Credit 3)
Communicate within a team or group which has an objective .

Unit Standard 28027 (Level 2) (Version 2) (3 Credits)
Demonstrate knowledge of undertaking an observation of technical skills in a salon.

Unit Standard 57 (Level 2) (Version 10) (2 Credits)
Provide customer service.

Preparation for Employment

Unit Standard 28094 (Level 2) (Version 4) (3 Credits)
Produce a balanced budget and adjust the budget to reflect changing financial circumstances.

Unit Standard 4252 (Level 2) (Version 8) (2 Credits)
Produce a personal targeted CV (curriculum vitae).

Unit Standard 4253 (Level 2) (Version 7) (3 Credits)
Demonstrate knowledge of job search skills.

 Industry Connections

Delivered on Thursdays and Fridays, 9am - 3pm.

 Learning Facilities

Fully equipped hairdressing and beauty salons, classrooms and PC labs.

 Domestic Entry Requirements

For year 12 - 13 secondary school learners (NZ Citizens, permanent residents or learners with an applicable visa allowing them to be enrolled in a secondary school), aged 16 years or over.

Applications are to be received from participating schools.

English language proficiency
If English is not your first language, you must also demonstrate English language skills equivalent to an IELTS or equivalent, including TOEFL. Contact the info centre for more details.


For more information about NCEA Credits see the UCOL Te Pūkenga NCEA explained page.

 International Entry Requirements

Please enquire for details

 Advice & Guidance

This programme is part of a suite of 'Academy 2 Day' programmes offered by UCOL to secondary learners seeking to explore their career options while still in school. Gain practical experience and NCEA Credits.

How to apply
If you're interested in applying for the UCOL New Zealand Certificate in Salon Skills (Introductory) (Level 2) Programme, talk to your careers advisor at school. Application is arranged in partnership with your parents/caregivers and your school. 

Fees-free when criteria are met. 

Transport assistance is available if you meet the criteria.

Attendance expectations
Learners must maintain appropriate attendance at both secondary school and UCOL to remain enrolled in the programme.