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Benyamin Haluk

New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General) Level 3

Benyamin Haluk

Beny will be graduating in 2023 with the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 3) (General), having blown his grades out of the water.

Benyamin (Beny) Haluk was born and raised alongside his three brothers in Wamena, a rural town in the highlands of West Papua.

With three languages under his belt (Lani, Bahasa, and English), Beny’s parents have continually looked to provide their sons with opportunities to improve their education.
“When I was 14, my brother and I travelled to New Zealand on a scholarship for Awatapu College that my parents applied for on our behalf,” he says.
It’s a pretty big deal, as only 20 kids from Wamena (a population of approx. 65,000), get chosen to go each year.
“From year 9 being at Awatapu College really helped my English improve, being immersed in it every day makes it heaps easier.”
Beny will be graduating in 2023 with the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 3) (General), having blown his grades out of the water. 
“It was my second attempt at the certificate, so I’m really proud to have done so well. I am grateful for the amazing student support provided by the UCOL teams.”
“I am so glad I chose to study at UCOL. The student support from Josh (Ruddock) and John (Aldworth), they’re always checking in on us to see how we’re doing and helping us with things like our visas. Their help has made all the difference.”
Josh Ruddock, Engagement Advisor – International, says he’s been really pleased with how well Beny has embraced student life, laughing together as they discuss all the various sports teams and activities that Beny and his friends have been involved with over the last couple of years.
Now that he’s completed his English Language certificate, he has big plans to help give back to our community with an enrolment underway into the Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Carpentry).
“I really enjoyed woodwork at high school. I remember we built a desk and chair and I had such an accomplished feeling being able to see the final product.”
Carpentry will provide a skill that Beny will be able to take with him on his journey – whether that’s here in New Zealand or back home in West Papua one day.
“Next year I’m most looking forward to learning from one of the lecturers here, Kaleb Curran, – my friends have raved about as a teacher.”
There’s really no holding Beny back as he’s already planning the next goal in his journey.
“I’m really excited to finish the carpentry course and join the workforce. It’s really awesome to now have a goal that is solely mine at the end, as every step so far has been a pathway as part of the original scholarship I received.”

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